1963-President Kennedy’s Assassination a Zionist Conspiracy

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1963-President Kennedy's Assassination a Zionist Conspiracy

The assassination of the great President KENNEDY was a shock to Palestinians. Please convey our sincere sympathy to the KENNEDY familiy and to the peopleof the United States.

Behind the mysterious crime is a carefully plotted Zionist conspiracy.  Review of the secret and overt Zionist criminal conspiracies against Lord MOWEEN BERNANDOTTE, the egyptian and German scientists, as well as the terrorist method adopted in kidnaping  EICHMAN and many others, provides the evidence to question the position of their secret organisations. The late President was likely to win the coming presidency elections without supplicating the Zionist symppathy or seeking the Jews votes. Aware of the fact that their influence and power in the United States are based upon the Jews votes, the Zionists murdered the courageous President who was about to destrgy that legend of theirs. His assassination is a warning to the rest of the honorable leaders.

Reveal their conspiracy to the supreme judgement of the world. Be careful, you are the hope of the Palestinians.