1976 Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview – en

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1976 Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview - en

The Hidden Tyranny

  • Interviewer: Mr. A. Walter White, Jr.
  • Interviewee: Harold Wallace Rosenthal- aged 29, Assistant to Senator of  NY; Jacob K. Javits at the Time this interview was conducted.


The recreaton of this specific typed document regarding this specific interview was transcribed by me from several audio and written formats taken from the Internet. In recreating the format or layout of this interview, it was done in a way that makes it easier to read and follow along with this lengthy, but extremely important interview...

It is clear the Jew’s all around this beautiful planet and more specifically, Israel, has worked hard in dispelling this interview as either a conspiracy theory or fabricated lies. One only needs to read the following Talmud Law: Mas. Nidah 45a: This is just one of many laws in the Talmud..

Now, in 2023, it is our turn and our time to assure that what was attempted then not long after the interview in arousing a mass awakening to stop this well thought out plot quite literally against all inhabitants of this planet that are Non-Jew and more specifically toward the Aryan race and ALL Christianity. We now carry the torch. It will be our courageous duty to succeed. For we must. This is a call to ALL peoples around the world. Every country, nation, state, city, town, and village must put aside their own issues and come together and defeat this evil force who has and is still working diligently to destroy us. In their eyes, the world we live in, they see us and the lands we reside on as their giant tyrannical murderous concentration camp. From all of Europe, to the UK, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia. If you have doubts to the authenticity of Rosenthal’s answers/statements; I strongly encourage you to do your own diligent research. Be mindful of the sources when gathering data and carefully analyze without emotion but with commonsense and logic. Emotion can come later.

Gott mit uns