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Pamela Ray Files

Please keep in mind when reading this book when I say,” research or my research”, it is strictly just that. James Files has never in the past, or present, read books on the JFK assassination. It holds no interest for him. James Files role as the man who was asked by Charles Nicoletti to drive weapons to Dallas for the Kennedy assassination are first-hand accounts. James Files is simply telling his story how he remembers it.

I’ll say it again. Although we are writing this book together, the reader must understand and realize James Files knows nothing about the larger picture when it comes to details surrounding the events of the Kennedy assassination. I’m the one who is interested in the Military Industrial Complex -deep state -all roads lead to Rome –Vatican Assassins - conspiracy theories that brought us the Bush Dynasty (shooting their way into power) vs. the Kennedy Dynasty; events that go far beyond deep state terrorism and war profiteering. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was a speed bump as the Cold War machine rumbled on. James Files was just a tool, a soldier for the Chicago Outfit and the CIA.

Simply put, Files knows what he did and who instructed him to do it: Charles Nicoletti (who answered to Sam Giancana and Tony Accardo) and his CIA controller, David Atlee Phillips. After doing the job, he did not talk to anyone about his role in the JFK assassination, except David Phillips during his debriefing at the CIA hanger at Midway airport, (included in this book). Files remained silent regarding his participation until the early 1990s when Joe West, following a lead from FBI agent Zack Shelton, tracked him down at Stateville Prison. In 1994, Confession of an Assassin video was taped in Stateville where James Files admits to being the grassy knoll shooter. In late 1998, I found the Confession video in Blockbuster, watched it, wrote a “thank you for telling the truth letter” to James Files and the rest
is history.

While putting this book together, I asked James Files to comment on why he didn’t talk about Dallas in the years leading up to meeting Joe West. He said it was just a way of life to not talk about the things that were done in the past. Files explained he did not talk to Charles Nicoletti later back in Chicago, he did not talk to his close friend The Raven, Gary Marlow, and he did not talk to Wolfman, George Collura, about the events in Dallas. In addition, he said he did not talk to associates in Organized Crime or fellow agents/assets he worked with in the CIA. This lack of talking about anything he had done was “standard operating procedure” and it was how he was raised to keep his mouth shut. “Once we did something, we acted like it never happened. To talk about something you did meant you couldn’t be trusted and in my line of work, it could get you quickly killed if someone thought you were talking. Period.”

Primary Target: JFK isn’t a JFK book to satisfy everyone. Some people will criticize our work without reading it. Others will continue to love to hate anything relating to James Files. Some will appreciate knowing the truth. It’s been said, “You can’t please all the people all the time…” so we aren’t even trying. We are publishing this book to make true history available for anyone who cares to know it. Also, this isn’t a book to answer every last question people might have especially regarding the big picture and far-reaching effects from the coup d’état America experienced on November 22, 1963. I have my thoughts and opinions and James Files has his own opinion from his experience. We come from two different worlds and backgrounds. It has been interesting, to say the least.

Included in Primary Target are common questions the public asked James Files on our website This is a website I built for our companion book, Interview with History – The JFK Assassination. We started letting people ask questions when Mr. Files was still locked up in prison. I would talk to him on the phone every week so I could get his response to the questions asked by the people. To be honest, neither one of us thought he would make it out of prison alive. Here we are in 2020 and a few days ago James Files turned 78. We are strong believers and give God Almighty the credit for all good things which include the fact we are still here and the story isn’t over yet. And yes, the answer is included to the commonly asked question “If all this is true, how come you’re still alive?

Also included in Primary Target: JFK – How the CIA Used the Chicago Mob to Kill the President, is Cast of Characters- ‘the boys’ and other
Associates of James Files, an appendix of various court documents and comments, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Joe West’s Court Case to Exhume JFK’s Body, and Joe West Letters to James Files.

This book is a labor of love on my part because left to himself, James Files would have never said another word about anything in his past especially JFK. He was raised to keep his mouth shut. I convinced him historical truth was important and we are simply doing our part to contribute the real story amongst the propaganda, lost history and volumes of lies that have been told about the assassination of President Kennedy. With these things in mind, let’s begin. First, we’ll give a little background to the war between President Kennedy and the Central Intelligence Agency.