Lame Deer – Seeker of Visions

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Lame Deer - Seeker of Visions

Tahc^ushte—John (Fire) Lame Deer—is a full-blooded Sioux Indian born at the beginning of the century on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Lame Deer is a medicine man, a vision seeker, a man who upholds the old religion and the ancient ways of his people. He is a man of the earth. He has been many things in his time—a rodeo clown, a soldier, a sign painter, a spud picker, a jail prisoner, a tribal policeman, a sheep herder and a singer. But above all else he is wicasa wakan, a Sioux Medicine Man.

“It’s a wonderful book, and it reflects a wonderful thing that’s hap­pening. At long last, Indians are being permitted to speak and write about themselves and their peoples, and the rest of us are finding that they have—and always did have—an enormous contribution to make to our literature. Lame Deer is a magnificent American. As an
individual and as a representative voice of his people, he is someone whom all readers should get to know— not just those who are inter­ested in Indians, but every American. The book is destined to become a classic. It will be read, and reread, and quoted from through the years. Personally, I am enormously enriched by it.”

—Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., author of Indian Heritage of America; editor of American Heritage’s Indians