Chapter I: U.S. betrayed „WHODUNIT?“

„Anything Rockefeller Wants Is O.K.“
Sen. Vandenberg, „Bipartisan“, San Francisco UN Conference, May 10, 1945.

For the fourth time within half a century, the people of the United States have found themselves drawn into and forced to fight a war that was not their concern and in which it was not their desire or will te participate. On each occasion the nation was tricked into war by the same clique. The more observant and intelligent sections of the public have sensed that there is a power behind and above the government that controls it and dictates its actions without regard to the will of the people.

That power has thus far been immune to exposure. So insolently confident has this power become that in the last two wars precipitated by them, World War II and the Korean War, they have not even made a pretense of complying with the form prescribed by the Constitution, declaration of war by Congress. In violation of the Constitution, the United States has been thrown into the wars by „royal“ edict issued by the power behind the Government, though ostensibly at the instance of the Presidents who have been their puppets, after incidents obviously incited by them through their pawns in our own and foreign governments.

There can be no question, at this late date, that our Government in Washington, for several decades past, has been, and now is, very largely composed of subversives, Communists and their fellow travellers and traitors. Only a few of them have as yet openly confessed their betrayal of our land to Communist Russia and to other foreign agencies. A large number have been exposed as involved in the treason. A very small fraction of the number involved have been caught in the act of treason or perjury in connection with treason, and convicted. The trials and convictions of Alger Hiss, Judy Coplon and William Remington, and the confession of Lee Pressman, among others, have given the nation, at the expense of millions of dollars, legal proof of what has been obvious for decades to the intelligent citizenry—that the nation has been betrayed persistently by treason of a wide array of public servants who range from the top policy-makers, such as the „father“ of the United Nations, former Assistant Secretary of State, Alger Hiss, to the lowliest clerks.

Charges have been made repeatedly by the Committee on Un-American Activities, by members of Congress and by the informed press and public, with offers of proof. They have all been brushed aside in the past and labelled as unfounded by the administrations of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, and by official agencies appointed by them supposedly to investigate, but actually to whitewash them, under circumstances that clearly bespoke involvement of the highest officials of the land in the treason.

The impassioned bias of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, and their entourages, in favor of the traitors has raised the question: „Are they themselves not involved in this treason and conspiracy to destroy our land, its Constitution and its government?“

This suspicion was materially strengthened when there rose to the defense of Alger Hiss, Supreme Court Justices Felix Frankfurter and Stanley Reed; also U.S. Senators, including that mysterious power who has operated for years, sometimes behind the scene, without official status and sometimes on the scene, John Foster Dulles. It reached fever heat when Secretary of State, Dean Acheson publicly professed his friendship and leyalty to freshly convicted Alger Hiss, his associate in the State Department and the brother of his law partner, in the words „I will not turn my back on Hiss.”. It became even more apparent from the hundreds of thousands of dollars expended upon the defense of Hiss, in his two trials, that tremendous power and unlimited wealth support the conspirators. The refuge he was reported to have been given in the home of Benjamin J. Buttenwieser, partner of Kuhn Loeb & Co. and then assistant to John J. McCloy, American High Commissioner of Occupied Germany, confirmed this impression. The Tydings Committee treatment of the charges made by Senator Joseph McCarthy clearly reveal how widespread is the government circle involved in the conspiracy and how overwhelmingly powerful they are.


Especially was this true of the charges made against Owen Lattimore and the hearings accorded him. Never was there revealed in the hearings an important phase of Lattimore’s activities, his close association with Alger Hiss. Nor was he questioned regarding the control and financing of AMERASIA of which he had been editor. This might have given some clue to the identity of the powers who protected the Communist spies, traitors and thieves of highly confidential State Department and other government records that jeopardized the secrecy of our codes and menaced the lives of our soldiers; and whe forced their release by the court under criminal circumstances, after the Justice Department refused to press charges against them. The shielding of Owen Lattimore is all the more reprehensible and startling because it is the type of prepaganda in which he engaged that effected the turning over of China to the Communists for use by them in the Lenin plan for slaughter of our troops and vanquishing and destroying our country. Engagement of our troops, planted in Asia by the conspirators within our own government, in a diversionary action, insured the Communists of a free hand in taking over the lands allotted to them by the conspiracy. The blood of thousands of our troops is on their hands.

Vituperative, smear-skilled Owen Lattimore has been built up as wronged, abused and falsely charged. His propagandist drivel was insured immediate publication under the title of „TRIAL BY ORDEAL“. It appeared so soon after his Senate hearing that it could have been managed only if pre-arranged by an ultra-powerful clique who were sure of „fixing the rap“ and to whom money was no object. Even under those conditions the publication constituted a miracle from the viewpoint of both speed and access to publication, even in a bock trade that publishes only pro-Communuist propaganda.

Sister Eleanor Lattimore was given an opportunity to swell the volume of this insolent propaganda in the October and November, 1950, issues of the crimson Harper’s Magazine. Any auther can tell how complete a control of avenues of publication by the clique such a press implies. A few months later, the Korean „police action“, as it was
termed by Truman, precipitated us for the second time in a decade into a war by Presidential ukase, in a violation of the Constitution that legally requires impeachment of the President. This „emergency“ was engineered in time to influence the oncoming election. It has also served as a perfect device for cover-up of the wholesale treason that had begun to come to light.

The engineered „emergency“ resulted in freezing in their control of the nation for the duration—and possibly for a period long enough to enable them to carry out fully their conspiracy for the betrayal of our country—the very subversive and traitorous elements that had been exposed. This is the real emergency that confronts the nation.


During the Korean War, our State Department and other Government agencies have served the Communists more effectively than could any openly registered Communist agents or spies. The order that was issued by the Navy to the 7th Fleet, to patrol Formosa Strait and bar any attack by the Nationalists on the Communists on the mainland, has served to protect the flank of the Chinese Communists and left them free to employ their forces in butchering our troops in Korea. It also enabled them to proceed te take over Tibet, Indo-China and other points.

Truman, Acheson and the State Department initially pretended that the purpose of the order was to allay the suspicions of the Chinese Communists that we planned an attack on them, in order to insure that they would not intervene in Korea. This pretense was palpably false and fraudulent. For it was known from the very start of the Korean War that the Soviets and the Chinese Communists were collaborating fully with the Korean Communists and were supplying them with both munitions and men. But the conspirators preferred to ignore this and deliberately misrepresented the situation to the nation.

They carried their treachery to the point of insuring initial defeat of our forces and slaughter of our troops. The conspirators engineered to make their war a United Nations affair, despite the reluctance or actual opposition of its members. Together with our national sovereignty, the conspirators arranged to turn over to the United Nations contrel of our trocps. On the UN military staff there sits a representative of our enemy, a Soviet general. Through his hands pass the confidential reports of the field commander, which he as a matter of course, transmits to Moscow to be relayed to the enemy. He participates in dictating the instructions to our field commander. This gives the enemy the power to dictate the terms and conditions under which we must fight them. It robs the field commander of one of the most essential elements in successful warfare, the element of surprise.

Aligned with the enemy are our false UN “allies”, who dictate absurd restrictions that bar our forces from attacking the Manchurian bases from which the Korean Communist armies are armed, supplied and reinforced. In the meantime the Communists are being supplied with oil and munitions by our own nationals and by our UN “allies” at the expense of our Treasury and taxpayers, through such devices as the Marshall Plan supplies and arms shipped to Western Europe under the terms of the Atlantic Pact, and the Point 4 program.

Our own troops in Korea were denied reinforcement and supplies on the ground that their services are needed in Europe. To cap the climax, offers of 500,000 South Korean troops were rejected just as were the offers of Chinese Nationalist troops. The conspirators, for reasons of their own, insist that American blood must be shed in Korea and the flower of our youth maimed, mutilated and killed in a Communist booby trap. Benedict ‘Arnold was a patrict as compared with these brazen, ruthless traitors who completely control our country, betray it and are seeking to encompass its downfall. As a climax, when General MacArthur overcame all the barriers that they placed in the way of success, and threatened to attack the Communists on their own ground, in Manchuria,
the conspirators arranged to have him relieved of his command.

Apologists for the conspirators are doing their best to make the nation believe that these constant acts of national betrayal are mere „BLUNDERS“. But it must be obvious even to the most imbecilic that no one could conceivably be so stupid as to commit such repeated acts of betrayal, as mere “blunders.” For it is quite obvious that in the case of real blunders, the element of chance would insure that an occasional blunder would be made in our own favor. The fact that these acts have consist- is ently militated against us, eliminates completely the „blunder“ alibi, even if we did not have at hand conclusive proof to the contrary.

The absurd campaign of mass hysteria over the atom bomb that has been engineered by the conspirators in this country with low cunning and on a vast scale, attests to their treacherous design and their assured contempt of the nation. Though the conspirators have done their best to traitorously turn over to Russia full knowledge and blueprints cf the bomb and even supply them with processed uranium, no announcement openly claiming possession of A- bombs had ever been made by the Russian government. The first two announcements stirring up the A bomb mass hysteria were made by President Truman as an excuse for demanding and seizing wartime dictatorial powers, attaining more intensive looting of the nation by staggered taxation, and keeping the nation “artificially alarmed,” the avowed policy of the conspirators.

On each occasion when the Administration subsequently sought increased appropriations, the threat of A-bombs was brought forth, or Truman announced that Russia had exploded another A-bomb. It was not until a year later, after a host of scientists had vanished behind the Iron Curtain, that Stalin announced that Russia had exploded an A-bomb. There is much in the situation that suggests that the conspirators themselves had supplied some A-bombs to be exploded in Russia, for the deliberate purpose of intensifying the hysteria they create and feed. But Russia continued to demand elimination of the use of the bomb, which indicates it had no bombs for warfare.

Truman’s announcement of Russia’s possession of atom bombs was false and was known to be false by the announcer. The Communists made it quite clear that Russia had no bomb other than what had been stolen from us by traitors and their agents. They openly acknowledge this in the Stockholm „Peace Petitions“ which they circulated for the express purpose of elimination of the bomb from use in warfare. Normal intelligence dictates the conclusion that the Soviets would not seek the elimination of the bomb if they possessed a supply of them. They have not asked for the elimination of planes, rockets, disease warfare or of any of the devastating weapons which we know they possess; nor have they hesitated to use them where they served their own purposes. And intelligent or informed persons could have no delusions regarding humanitarianism amongst the Communist readers

Nevertheless the conspirators in our midst seek to gain cur submission to the Communists by creating craven terror of our own bombs in our midst. One begins to wonder if they actually conceive of using cur bombs against us, or helding them until the Communist conspirators take over and use them against us. In many respects the situation resembles that of children trembling before a bugaboo that they have created with their own hands. Infinitely sad and damaging is the spectacle of craven cowardice and hysterical terror which they seek to have us present to the world. They are aiding and abetting our enemies by undermining our morale at home and our prestige abroad.

So gross and persistent has been the exaggeration of the effects of atom bombs, in daily newspaper headlines and on the air by officials and others that even the appearance in our midst of a missionary, Father Hubert F. Schiffer, who sat in his mission less than a quarter of a mile from the exploding atom bomb at Hiroshima, and suffered no injury, has failed to bring the public to their senses. To be sure the conspirators have been very careful to minimize or suppress the truth illustrated by his experience; the newspapers have failed to make any mention of them or buried small paragraphs on them in their back pages as contrasted with the daily, screaming terror headlines and official pronouncements.
(N.Y. Times, March 30, 1950.)

This situation alse is fraught with elements of sabotage by the conspirators of our military preparedness and defense. For so much time, money and material are being diverted into protection from the exaggerated terrors of the atom bomb, that industry and rearming of the nation are being slowed down by them; and needless costs and added taxes are being incurred. In short the bombs which should be used to weaken and scare our enemies are being used by traitors and fools to effect our ignominious submission to the Soviets and even to Communist China. We are going down in a blaze of cowardice and treachery. Only one public figure, former New Deal Ambassador to England, Joseph P. Kennedy, has openly intimated that the situation in which we find ourselves may not be a product of mere blunders. He characterized our policies as “suicidal”. Ex-President Herbert Hoover has protested the insanity of a foreign policy that seeks to purchase allies and aims to instill in them courage and the will to be free, by monetary infusions.

Meanwhile as our troops were being sent to the slaughter, to die by the thousands in Korea with inadequate reinforcements and supplies, as our people are being whipped up inte a frenzy by the phoney atom bomb scare, as our purses and Treasury are being depleted by the Marshall Plan, by the Atlantic Pact arming of Europe to permit those treacherous „allies“ to ship their own arms te our enemies, the conspirators whip up a new plan to hasten national bankruptcy and provide support for the enemy—the Point 4 program. At this point there comes to the fore the questions: „Who are these notorious and callous traitors?“ „Who enables them to penetrate into the topmost ranks of our Government?” The authors and directors of our destiny and the masters of our national fate, stepped out on the scene into the open to claim credit and acclaim for putting us on the international merry-go-round. In the December 30, 1950, and subsequent issues of the Saturday Evening Post there appeared a series of articles, the first of which was entitled The Rockefellers: The Story Of Five Young Millionaires. In these articles the Rockefellers, with characteristic „modesty“, take the bow as Messrs. „Internationalism“. The author states that they allege that their “philanthropies“ transcend all bounds cf national interests or patriotism. Like the rest of the „internationalist“ breed, it appears that they scorn patriotism as reprehensible and undesirable because it interferes with their schemes. The sole ultimate criterion of desirability is stated in the articles to be profit to themselves. On that basis, the „Internationalist“, activities have been highly desirable to them, because, undeniably, they have been highly profitable “for them, however disastrous they are for us, the „peasantry“, individually, and for our country. For it is we who have had to foot the bills for the expansion of the “internationalist“ interests of the Rockefeller Empire, with our fortunes, our liberties and in many cases, our lives.