False Flag -Terror: What this book is about


What this book is about . . . A Familiar Template for Terror

One of the more perceptive students of the JFK assassination, Vincent Salandria, wrote of the proliferation of theories surrounding that crime and noted an important point that, even today, remains (unfortunately) all too relevant when we consider all that has been written about the president’s murder.


And please consider Salandria’s words carefully:

  • While the [JFK assassination] researchers have involved
    themselves in consuming preoccupation with the microanalytic searching for facts of how the assassination was accomplished, there has been almost no systematic thinking on why President Kennedy was killed.

 Another respected JFK researcher, Richard Sprague, put forth a parallel thesis when he asserted:

  • As incredible as it may seem . . . the identities of the actual Dealey Plaza team, including shooters, radio communications men, coordinators, and others, do not really matter in the overall conspiracy and especially in the cover-ups.The murder was a carefully orchestrated intelligence operation . . . .
  •  Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire any shots that day. Once one moves beyond the stage of thinking that Oswald did the shooting, the questions about who was shooting become secondary to the questions about who planned and commanded the execution and why they did so. [Sprague’s emphasis.]

So it was that these quite accurate—even profound—considerations addressed by Salandria and Sprague were foremost in my own mind when I began (quite unexpectably) writing Final Judgment, my rather controversial book which contends that Israeli intelligence played a central role in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


As such, I deliberately refused to bog myself down in addressing those aspects of the assassination that had already been covered so considerably by so many different writers over what was then some thirty years: such issues as where the shots were fired from; how many times President Kennedy was hit; the number of assassins involved, etc.  My concern was precise: Pinpointing who was ultimately responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy.

In the end, to my satisfaction and to the satisfaction (I think) of many of my readers, I believe I answered that question, or certainly attempted to do so. I pinpointed the role of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, working in collaboration with elements in the CIA and in the organized crime syndicate, specifically those forces under the direct influence of Jewish crime boss Meyer Lansky.


The purpose in removing JFK from office had multiple motivations, needles to say, including, but not limited to: putting an end to the president’s war against organized crime; preventing his efforts to curtail the influence of the CIA; and, most notably, in my estimation, stopping JFK’s determined efforts to prevent Israel from building an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.


Now let it be said up front that what Vincent Salandria said about the JFK assassination is equally applicable to two other equally cataclysmic events in American history of more recent date: namely, the Oklahoma City bombing and the tragedy of 9-11.


In those instances, as in the JFK assassination, many researchers have spent a great deal of time attempting to analyze the forensics of those crimes, often to the point of actually disregarding who ultimately benefited from those horrible events that resulted in the loss of so many lives and both of which had substantial impact upon American public policy.And, in the case, of 9-11, actually led to American involvement in two wars that were needless and should not have been fought.


At any rate, it is my contention, based upon my study of the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the events of 9-11 that all three of these events has specifically one thing in common:
All were the product of a particular template for terror in which the ultimate architect of those crimes utilized false flags to cover up its responsibility.And it is my contention that Israel was indeed the architect of those crimes.


In the first instance, the JFK assassination, attention was initially directed toward a “lone nut” assassin with possible connections to the Soviet Union and/or Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba.


In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, although there was ultimately another variation of the“lone nut” officially rendered as the government’s version of events, this time the official patsy—Timothy McVeigh—had an officially-charged co-conspirator, namely Terry Nichols.But broad-ranging evidence,indicating that McVeigh was actively collaborating with yet others in the bombing plot, was officially suppressed. And later in these pages we will see precisely why.


While the Israelis were responsible for the manipulation of Timothy McVeigh and elements surrounding him, the initial aim was to place the blame for the crime on Saddam Hussein of Iraq and/or even Osama bin Laden, a propaganda theme that gained even greater circulation (and even some credibility, thanks to its propagation by pro-Israel circles) following the 9-11 attacks.


I contend, however, that President Bill Clinton refused to go along with the Zionist agenda and directed those responsible for the investigation—namely the Justice Department and the FBI—to cover up the false flags, those false trails laid by the Israelis linking McVeigh to Iraqis who would, in turn, be connected to Saddam and Muslim elements that the Israelis sought to inflame American opinion against.


I view the Oklahoma City bombing as having been designed to achieve by its architects what was ultimately achieved with 9-11; that is, having the bombing in Oklahoma City to be blamed on “Arab” and “Muslim” elements in order to inflame the American people against the Arab and Muslim worlds,which is precisely what was achieved as a consequence over the furor following 9-11 which, in itself, was perhaps a grander, more dramatic version of what happened in Oklahoma City. The Israelis certainly hoped the Oklahoma City bombing would have drawn the United States into a war against Saddam who, at the time,was Israel’s most advanced and powerful enemy in the Arab world.


However, I contend,with 9-11 the Israelis essentially returned to the scene of the crime,so to speak—American soil—and once again utilized precisely the same template for terror that had been used in the Kennedy assassination and in the Oklahoma City bombing.


In the wake of 9-11, however, a willing American president, George W. Bush—ideologically motivated in favor of war and surrounded by a sordid array of hard-line pro-Israel advisors—did indeed launch what turned out to be a disastrous war against Iraq and,more immediately,the U.S.incursion into Afghanistan.And the United States remains embroiled in both nations—or what is left of them—today.


There is also another important aspect to consider.And in the pages of this volume, where we examine this template for terror.And that is this: in each of these cases, the Israeli operations against American targets and interests were specifically carried out inside a particular framework that existed in all three scenarios; And that is this:
The Israeli operations were conducted by the process of attaching themselves to already existing American intelligence operations that involved those individuals who were ultimately connected, in the end, to the three crimes.


In the case of the JFK assassination, based upon a variety of evidence coming from a variety of sources, all of which point in the same direction, it appears that the assassination of the president took place wrapped around a scenario in which there were individuals connected to American intelligence, in particular the CIA and its anti-Castro operations in Cuba, who were involved in setting up what might be called a “dummy assassination attempt” against the president which would then be linked to Castro and utilized there from as a means to provide a reason for the United States to invade Cuba and bring Castro to his knees.


Although there are those who insist that JFK was softening the hard-line American stance toward Castro, it appears that there is some valid evidence that’s been brought forth suggesting that President Kennedy was involved in a two-track policy toward Castro; that is, on the one hand, while he was making efforts to amend relations with the Cuban leader, he was, at the same time, pursuing already-existing CIA plans to assassinate the Cuban dictator.


And it appears that it was within that framework, specifically the plots by the CIA against Castro that the Israelis essentially intervened and took over anti-Castro elements being “worked” by the CIA and orchestrated the assassination of President Kennedy himself.


It is a strong likelihood that if President Kennedy himself did not know of the dummy assassination attempt that was being set up in Dallas, that it was quite possible that the president’s brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was aware of this operation (even perhaps directing it) and, as a consequence, found himself (after the fact) having been cognizant of the very covert framework that was ultimately used by the Israelis to set up the actual assassination of the president. Keeping that template, that framework, that scenario in mind, move forward then to the Oklahoma City bombing.


In the wake of the bombing, it became apparent that the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI—at least those two intelligence agencies, and probably others, including, but not limited to, the CIA—were engaged in monitoring and manipulation of Timothy McVeigh and his associates, including an array of domestic “right wing” elements: so-called militia and “patriot” types, intersecting with persons involved in the “white nationalist” and “white separatist” movements.


A variety of researchers came to the conclusion that the Oklahoma bombing was a consequence of what some have called “a sting gone bad.” That is, that one or more of the American intelligence agencies were manipulating McVeigh to the point of allowing him to build a bomb and place it in Oklahoma City.


The intended purpose of such a sting was for the agency (or agencies) to capture McVeigh just in time and win great headlines exposing the ugly “right wing” terrorist underground, resulting in public plaudits for those agencies at a time when their reputations were at stake.


Now there are other independent researchers who will vehemently argue against that theme and say,“Oh,no,it wasn’t a sting gone wrong. It was a deliberate bombing orchestrated by elements in the government to usher in a police state.” However,no such police state came into being. The United States became no more of a a police state under Bill Clinton’s presidency any more than it had become a police state under the presidency of Richard Nixon who had been responsible for setting in place a wide variety of executive orders which, in fact, had already established a secret, but still existing, framework that could be used to institute a police state during a time of “national emergency.”


In the Oklahoma bombing, there is a variety of evidence to indicate that Tim McVeigh did participate in a plot to explode a device outside the Murrah Building.And there are many serious folks who believe (with good reason ) that there were bombs inside the Murrah Building. In the end, the actual process itself was not so important as the ultimate success: a bomb (or bombs) did go off in Oklahoma City and people died, just as JFK died in Dallas.


In the pages that follow we will examine more of the parameters, but suffice it to say that I believe (and will assert in this volume) that in the Oklahoma bombing (and later in 9-11) the Israelis once again utilized the same false flag template they had used successfully in the JFK assassination.In particular, the Israelis manipulated (or over-rode) ongoing United States intelligence operations and redirected them it in a way they not been designed (by the Americans) to conclude: In the case of the JFK assassination, a dummy attack on the president designed to be linked to Castro (thereby prompting a U.S. invasion of Cuba in retribution) was, instead, turned into “the real thing.”


In Oklahoma City, what might have been designed as only a “bomb plot” that federal agents were expecting to foil to great public acclaim, actually resulted in a very real bombing that killed hundreds.And all of this may have even been a surprise to Timothy McVeigh himself. Then, afterward, as we will see, there were definitive efforts by the Israelis to point the direction of blame toward “the Arabs” and “the Muslims” and even “link” McVeigh to those elements.


However ,I contend—as noted—the Clinton administration rejected those schemes and engaged in damage control, so to speak, and strictly limited the Oklahoma conspiracy to Timothy McVeigh.


And as we will see, the Clinton administration studiously avoided pursuing areas of investigation that, if inspected too carefully, would point toward individuals with ties to the Israelis and to agencies such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center which have been known to operate in advancing the Zionist agenda.

So we find some striking similarities between the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma City bombing.


And before we further reference 9-11 itself in this same context, it should be noted that—although it has almost been forgotten—there was, of course, the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. And that attack has been linked to an individual with known Israeli connections. This, of course, will be explored later in these pages. And keeping that in consideration,we proceed to the third and final leg of the triad—and those are, of course, the events of September 11, 2001. We know the U.S. government’s official contention is that the attacks of 9-11 were the work of Muslim fundamentalists loyal to Osama bin Laden, the now-infamous ultimate “false flag” and one certainly designed to raise the ire (putting it lightly) of the American people against the Arab and Muslim worlds.


However, it must be borne in mind—and this is very important in the context of which we are considering this template for terror—that the 9-11 attacks are known to have taken place at a time when the United States government intelligence and national defense apparatus was on alert; that at the time of the attacks, as has been documented by a variety of “mainstream” sources, the U.S. defense establishment was gearing up for the possibility of “Muslim terrorists” seizing control of passenger liners and using them for terrorist attacks.


Therefore,again,we find an ongoing U.S.intelligence operation that was taken over, compromised, manipulated by outside forces for another purpose: in this instance, the attacks that did take place on 9-11. Now, in the case of 9-11, we have heard speculation that, for example, there were bombs already inside the World Trade Center or that other means, other than the actual airliner attacks, brought down the trade towers, or that the Pentagon was actually hit by a missile rather than by the airliner the government claims was used in the attack, etc. Ultimately,these are questions that we may never know the answers to.


But do know the final result of 9-11:
Events did take place that resulted in the catastrophic loss of life on American soil, a direct consequence of which was that the the Israelis did achieve precisely what they wanted: the complete redirection of the American public attitude toward the Arab and Muslim worlds and major American intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.


In each case, then, I believe that we find that the same template for terror was used—in the JFK assassination, in Oklahoma City, and on 9-11—and in the pages of this book we will examine the relevant material that demonstrates that this template (first used in the JFK assassination) was repeated later.