2007/10: US General Wesley Clark spricht über US-Geldmonarchie

Wesley Clark discusses „A Time to Lead.“


Wesley Clark sought the presidency during the 2004 elections, seeking to bring a less hawkish perspective to the White House. After the campaign, Clark did not end his crusade for what he sees as a better America, one that supports his vision of a responsible foreign policy. He believes that hard work, leadership and determination will ultimately turn the country around. – The Commonwealth Club.


Wesley Clark is a retired four-star general of the United States Army. Clark was valedictorian of his class at West Point, was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford where he earned a master’s degree in economics, and later graduated from the Command and General Staff College with a master’s degree in military science. He spent 34 years in the Army and the Department of Defense, receiving many military decorations, several honorary knighthoods, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Script of the speech:

What happened in 9-11, we didn’t have a strategy, we didn’t hav e abipartisian agreement, we didn’t have an american understanding of it. And we had instead a policy coup in this country, a coup. A policy coup. Some hardnosed people took over the direction aof amercan policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us.


I went trough the Pentagon 10 days after 9-11. I couldn’t stay away of mother army. I wnet back there to see Donald Rumsfeld. I worked for him as a White-House fellow in the 1970’s, all is in the book.


And I sayed,  „am I doing ok on CNN?“


„Yeah yeah fine, I am thinking about.. I read your book“ … he sayed … (It is a book about the coaster-campain)… and he sayed  „I just want to tell you. No one is telling us, where, when we can bomb, nobody. I am saying, I call it a floating coalition, what do you think about this?“


„Well sir, thanks for reading my book, well …“ He sayed:

 „Thanks, that’s all the time, I have got“.


Really and I’m… I went downstairs and leaving the pentagon and a ???? joint staff called me to his office and he sayed, „I want you to know that we are going attack Irak“. And I sayed „Why?“ He said „We dont know“. He sayed „Are there ties to 9-11?“. I sayed „No“.


I guess they do not know what to do about terrorism and so … They think but they can attack states, they want to look strong, and so… I guess they think, if they take down states it will intimitate terrorist.


… You know, It is like the old saying: If the only tool you have got is a hammer, then every problem has to be a nail.


Well, I walked out of there, pretty upset. And then … we attacked Afghanistan. I was pretty happy about that, we should have of.


And then, I came back to the pentagon about 6 weeks later and I met the same officer. I asked: „why havn’t we attacked Irak? Are we still going to attack Irak?“ „Oh I am sorry, it is worse than that“, He said… He pulled up a peace of paper off his desk. „I have just got this memo from the secratary of defense’s office. We are going to attack, and to destroy 7 governments in 5 years.“


„We are going to start with Irak, we are going to move to Siria, Libanon and Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.“ I said „7 countries in 5 years?“


„Is that a classified memo?“ He said „Yes sir“, I said, „so don’t show it to me“. He was about to show it to me. Then, we didn’t talk about it.


I sat on this information for a long time, for about 6 or 8 month, I was stunned by this, I couldn’t begin to talk about it… and… I couldn’t believe it was really be true, but that was actually be happened.


These people took control over policy in the United States. And I realised then…, it came back to me on 1991 meeting I had with Paul Wolfowitz. You know in 2001 he was deputiy secretary of defense and in 1991 he was under secretary of defense for policy, number 3 position in pentagon.


And I had gone to see him, when I was a one-star general and I was commanding in action in trainings center. I met him one time, he was saying, if you ever come to worries, come and look me up, he always is saying this. So I was there, it was friday afternoon, I went on my way, I was bored in pentagon. I thought, who can I see? I thought, I could meet Wolfowitz. I called him and he was available. He wanted to give me 5 Minutes of his precious time and I set me on my way. Scooter came to the door. I met Scooter for the first time and he brought me in and


I said to Paul … and this is 1991.. I said „Mister Secretary you must be pretty satisfied with the performance of the troops in desert storm“. And he said,


„Yeah, well … he said: Yeah he said, but not really“, he said: „the truth is, we should have gone rid of Saddam Hussein and we didn’t“.


And this was about the shear uprising of march in 91 which we had provoked and then we kept our troops on the sideline and didn’t intervien.


„One thing we did learn“, he said. „we learned, we can use our military in the region in the middle-east and the soviets wont stop us. We have got about 5 or 10 years to cleanup all those soviets client regimes, Syria, Iran, Irak before the next superpower comes on to challenge us“.


And it was alike, you know, I come out of the Mojave desert, I am being training troops, I have not been thinking GEO-strategies for some time and suddenly a guy just shorved this nugget at and you remember it.


It was a pretty stunning thing, the purpose of the military is to start wars and changing governments, it is not of sort to deterr conflicts. We gonna invate countries and I…my mind was spinning  and I put that aside. It was like a nugget that you hold on to.


This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup. Wolvowitz and Chaney and Rumsfeld and you can name a half of dozen other collaborators from the projekt for a new american century. They wanted us to destabalize the middle east. Turn it upside down, make it under our control.


It went back to those comments in 1991. Now, did anyone tell you about this? Was there a national dialogue about this? Did Senates and Congressman stand up and announce this plan? was there a fill fledged american debate on it? Absolutly not! And still there isn’t.


Thats it why we are failing in Irak, because Iran and Syria know about the plan. All they have to do is read the weekly standard and listening to Bill Cristal and he blubber-mouth it all over the world. Richard Pearl, the same way. They can hardly wait to finish Irak, so they can move to Syria.


It was like a laydown. Our legends are going go in there.


This wasn’t what the american people voted Georg Bush into office … well actually, they didn’t vote him into office, but it wasn’t what many people who…. it wasn’t what he campained on. He campained on a humble foreign policy, the most arrogant foreign policy in american history. He campained on no peace-keeping, no nation building and here it is with Afghanistan and Irak. It is astonishing.


So, the root of the propblem is not, how many troops are in Irak, please belive me. Don’t be mad if you are democrates on your democrat congressman, because he cannot reduce the troops and frustrate the president, that‘ s not the issue. And if you are an republican, don’t be mad on the democrates, because they are ??? with the troops.


Whether you are an democrate or republican, if you an american, you aught to be concerned about the strategy of America in that region. What is our aim, what is our purpose? Why are we there? Why are americans dying in that region?


That is the issue!


Wesley Clark is talking about the inner circle of „The Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)“ which I call US-Oligarchen or US-UK-Geldmonarchie (MoneyMonarchy).