2014/04: Blackwater (Academi) in Ukraine

In March – April 2014 with the development of the civil war in Ukraine, started to come different reports on the American Private Military Companies (PMCs) operating on the territory of Ukraine as well as the CIA agents, the intelligence centres and the information war centres.


These PMCs, being the part of the Soft Power strategy, do all the dirty work that would be difficult to do with the help of the armed forces.


In March 2014 the staff of the American PMC “Greystone” was again and again noticed in Donbas. It can be prooved by photos and by numerous facts of the English speech heard in the combat zone and during the Kharkov Regional State Administration capturing performed by the forces controlled by the Kiev`s junta.


In the end of April the information that the PMC “Academi” operates in Donbas leaked to the Western press.


The information was released by the German edition “Bild” citing anonymous sources in the German intelligence service. According to the information received by the German intelligence service from American colleagues, the PMC staff is involved in combat operations against DNR citizens in arms and local separatist movement during almost two months.


The total number of the Academi mercenaries operating in Donbas reaches 400 people, not including the losses of the Greystone mercenaries.