Soviet Russia is controlled by a ruthless gang of criminals, moral and ethical lepers who pose as “philanthropists” and champions of „the masses”. They are bent on conquering, lecting and raping the world; and will not stop until, either they have accomplished it, or themselves have been destroyed. Any dealings with them as a government merely gives them the advantage of the delays and aids implied in international amenities, that they scorn but use to full advantage.

There never has been a more effective way of checking the spread of contagion than isolation. A policy of strict isolationism would weaken the Soviets by withholding from them the material they require for their mad, criminal plans.


Their accomplices in cur midst have undertaken to discredit isolationism and make it a term of opprobium and reproach, to further their conspiracy. They foster “internationalism” which Stalin has dictated shall mean that: „An internationalist is one whe is prepared unreservedly, unhesitatingly and unconditionally to defend the USSR“. (New Leader, March 11,1950) All of the conspirators’ „Internationalist“ schemes, the Marshall Plan, the NATO, the MSA, the Point 4 program, etc. are designed to supply the
Communists with the equipment and material without which they can not wage war on us. The material is sent to our treacherous “allies” in the East and the West, and is transhipped by them, to their criminal scum, Communist partners indirectly, when not sent directly. To increase their loot, the Red racketeers are now resorting to blackmail, in the ransoming of our prisoners, the „snatch racket“. We must act immediately to oust and bar from public office any person identified with the vicious conspirators.

Most absurd of the futilities with which the conspirators are deluding us is the idea that the Communist criminal scum, or our own, will ever change their stripes—that there ever can be any peace with them so long as we make war so profitable for them. The Korean „truce“ farce demonstrates that well. Unless we abandon „internationalism“, and frustrate the conspirators, it will inevitably lead us to bankruptcy and destruction by the
enemies within and without our gates.