2010/02: Muammar Gaddafi Interviewed Just Before Libyan Revolution

In this rare interview shot in February 2010 – less than two years before he was killed while hiding in a culvert – Muammar Gaddafi tells presenter George Negus he’s always represented the will of the people.


For 40 years I have not been the ruler, the authority has been with the people,“ says Gaddafi calmly.


Surrounded by security guards and local TV crews in a library of his military compound, which was bombed by the Americans back in 1986, Gaddafi gives an air of quiet confidence.


He continues to deny responsibility in the Lockerbie bombing and advocates a one-state solution to the Israel and Palestine conflict.


He also comments on Libya’s nuclear programme, and shares his opinions on terrorism and democracy. Quizzed by Negus about his softened image, Gaddafi responds that „It is the world that has changed.“