A Recent Visit with Eustace Mullins

A Recent Visit with Eustace Mullins

James Dyer – May 8, 2004 www.SavetheMales.ca


In another era, Eustace Mullins would be a public resource. After his service in the Air Force in WWII, he went to work at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.


DC was a small town in those days and Eustace was a bright, curious and unassuming country boy with a bit of the bon vivant in him. As such, he came into contact with many of the movers and shakers of the day and ate, drank and conversed with them.


He has more first-hand information about post-WWII Washington and its inhabitants than most anyone else alive today.

He was also in the thick of the fray of the Communist trials in those days, as he worked for Joe McCarthy as a researcher. That alone keeps him smeared in these politically-correct days. His longtime friendship with Ezra Pound, who hired Mullins to research and write the definitive history of the founding of the Federal Reserve System, serves to finalize judgment in the minds of his uninformed detractors.

One doesn’t really have a conversation with Eustace. You do your best to corral what he’ll impart, and he’s willing to answer whatever you ask to the best of his ability. If you have any questions after reading this, his contact info is at the end. Get in touch with him. For 55 years, he’s been researching the very questions that most of us reading this have been asking in the wake of 9/11/01.

Eustace Mullins has been painted as many things by his detractors, many of whom have no idea what the word „patriot“ actually means beyond the title of the Act that’s almost made patriotism illegal. Agree or disagree with Eustace’s conclusions, his detractors have never been able to paint him as a liar.

J: These are troubling days. What do you say when people ask „What can I do?“

E: People often ask me that question, implying that they don’t know what to do. That’s not true. People know what they’re supposed to do. They’re actually begging the question when they ask me that. What they’re really saying is, „I don’t really want to do anything, but you’re going to get me off the hook by telling me I should do this or that and then I’ll tell you I can’t do this or that“, and that frees them from having to do anything.

J: What have you done?

E: I’d always wanted to be a writer, so that’s what I did. It’s an educational operation, both for the writer and the reader. Whether you’re writing poetry, essays, articles, books, songs or what have you, imparting what you may have learned is important.

J: Have you been surprised by any events in the post-9/11 world?

E: I wasn’t surprised by anything that happened before 9/11, so nothing afterwards has surprised me (laughs). 9/11 was a natural occurrence, much like other terrorist operations that preceeded it – the OKC bombing, the Waco Holocaust and the Ruby Ridge Massacre. These were all steps in a program and there’s nothing surprising about them at all. They were intelligence operations, financed by the Money Powers. Intelligence is the heart and soul of banking, as the financiers must have complete knowledge and when necessary, initiate events to steer things their way.

The mantra after 9/11 was „This changes everything.“ Utter nonsense. It changed nothing. Office buildings got knocked down, nothing changed. The Pentagon got hit, nothing changed.

Rumsfeld was supposedly sitting at his desk, working, when the Pentagon got hit. Why was the Secretary of Defense sitting at his desk an hour after the country came under attack?

It was no accident that Bush was absent from DC and Cheney was in the White House during the operation. They had to keep Bush out of the loop so he wouldn’t screw it up.

J: You worked with Robert Kennedy in Joe McCarthy’s office, correct?

E: We both worked for Joe, yes. Bobby was one of the biggest snobs I met in my time in DC, being noveau riche. People born to generations of money aren’t snobs, for the most part. But Bobby Kennedy was a little slump kid. He was a strait-laced Boston Irish-Catholic boy, which is why he hated the homosexual J. Edgar Hoover so much. Just for the record, Hoover started his time in Washington as a deck attendant at the Library of Congress, the same job I held there. It’s rarely referred to, and hardly anyone knows it.

Hoover was very insecure about his appearance as some in DC thought he had black ancestry. He was very Negroid in his facial structure and was quite touchy about it. It might be why he hated Martin Luther King so much. (laughs)

By the way, e.e. cummings was the first choice for JFK’s inaugural speech, but he turned it down. e.e. told me himself the day he refused the offer. Robert Frost was the second choice, the bitter old bastard. Ezra gave him his first break in the late teens or early twenties and afterwards, Frost had nothing to do with him again.

The official government story regarding Frost and Pound is that Frost, out of gratitude to Ezra for Ezra’s role in Frost’s early career, got Ezra out of St. Elizabeth’s. Frost had nothing to do with it.

Ezra got out of St. Elizabeth’s because a Congressman named Usher Burdick, at the behest of a fellow named Rex Lampman (Lampman’s father owned a Fargo newspaper that helped to get Burdick elected), got up on the floor of the Congress and asked „Why is this man being held?“. Burdick knew nothing of Ezra Pound, but he did some digging and found out that America’s greatest living poet had been held in a mental hospital for 13 years with no trial {1}. It was through Burdick’s efforts and not Frost’s that Ezra was released{2}.

J: Do you vote?

E: No. Who is there to vote for?

J: Do you vote locally?

E: No. I still consider the state of Virginia to be occupied territory. That’s how these folks operate. They never want occupation to end. Rutherford Hayes ran on a platform of ending occupation of the South, as he’d been a Union general and knew how cruel occupation is.

Look at Germany and Japan. That war’s been over for almost 60 years and they’re still occupying them. They’ll never leave Iraq willingly for the same reason, unless they can take the oil with them. (laughs)

One of the thrusts of occupation is population manipulation. The occupation of Germany and Japan stunted the generation that survived, both mentally and physically. Millions of German civilians died under Allied occupation and the ones that survived were malnourished and easily manipulated. It’s a form of genocide and population control.

But the occupiers never end occupation if they don’t have to. Occupation is a great way to own and control a hostile country and its resources. It’s captivity and slavery.

Americans love their captivity. There’s no responsibility. When you’re a captive, you don’t have to make a decision about anything, though you have no Liberty. People don’t want Liberty. Liberty is nothing but uncertainty. It’s much easier to have someone tell you where you’ll be, what you’ll do and who you’ll pay tomorrow than to worry about it yourself. The same goes for what you think.

J: What’s your opinion of the Jewish Holocaust?

E: It wasn’t really an issue until the late ’50’s. All of the sudden, they remembered that six million Jews died in WWII. I’ve often said that after six million Jews died, most of them went on to own apartments in Manhattan and Tel Aviv. It’s not really a topic that interests me much beyond how it’s used as propaganda and mind control.

J: Let’s touch on „anti-semitism“ and how it’s used to smear people…

E: I first came up against it when I published my first book, „Secrets of the Federal Reserve“. The Anti-Defamation League immediately attacked it as „anti-Semitic“ and said that I was an „anti-Semite“. There’s not a word about Jews in the whole book. As a matter of fact, the first review and push for my book was made by a Hollywood Jew named Myron Fagan. I didn’t meet him for another ten years, but he was the first person to promote my book, both on his radio show and in his newsletters.

When I did meet him, he looked like the stereotypical Jew. He was no Jewish aristocrat, that’s for sure. He was a hell of a nice guy. He really suffered for his efforts in educating people as to the danger facing America and the world. He grew to dislike and mistrust his fellow Jewish screenwriters in Hollywood because they were so phony, and they grew to mistrust him as he exposed their Communistic allegiances.

I used to drink with Sandy Griffith, one of the ADL’s lead researchers, back in those days. We had a great time. They’d call us „anti-Semites“ and then drink with us. Go figure. Sandy brought the best wines. As I recall, Sandy’s real last name was Scheffer.
It came out later that the ADL was behind much of the National Renaissance Party, the „right wing“ extremists of the ’50’s. I had no idea at the time.

J: Have you ever been in contact with Ernst Zundel?

E: Oh yes. Ernst is a great guy, a regular gem��chkeit German. Overnight he went from being a successful and obscure artist to one of the worst anti-Semites on the planet. That’s what you get for loudly questioning the „official“ line. God love him.

J: Zundel was arrested right after the Immigration and Naturalization Service fell under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security…

E: I’m not surprised. Tom Ridge is worthless. He’ll do anything they’ll tell him to do. He’d go to the White House and shoot Bush if he was told to. He wouldn’t want to, but he’d do it. He’s the typical faceless, controlled bureaucrat.

J: Do you have Internet access or a computer?

E: No. I don’t have time to get on the net. So many guys are on that thing talking for eight and twelve hours a day to other guys in Chicago and Tokyo or what have you. I wouldn’t get anything done. I’m working to get six of my books reprinted: Curse of Canaan, My Life in Christ, This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound, The World Order, Secrets of the Federal Reserve and The Rape of Justice.

J: Has anyone ever tried to get you involved in questionable activities?

E: About thirty years ago, which was the lowest point in my life as it was after my mother died, a man … came to town and wanted me to kill Henry Kissinger. He said that he knew Kissinger’s „mistress schedule“ in LA and that they’d fly me out there and put me up for a week before the hit. I never considered it as I could see the headlines: „Extremist Gunned Down In Plot To Kill Kissinger“.

J: How’s your health?

E: I just got back from the doctor and he said I could probably go another twenty years. I feel like I’m 17. [Interviewer’s note: I took Eustace to lunch at an all-you-can eat place and he put a respectable dent in the food bar. Two hours later, we went to a birthday party for one of his family members. He ate another huge plate of food. Age certainly doesn’t affect his appetite.]

J: Didn’t someone try to stick you in a nursing home recently?

E: My brother decided that he wanted my assets and tried to get me declared unfit. It took the efforts of my nephews and others to get me out and to regain legal control of my assets again. Two licensed psychologists have judged me mentally sound and I have no intention of letting any of that happen again.

J: Do you have any words for the ADL, as they’re probably going to read this?

E: Beyond congratulating them for having a great little protection racket going, no.

J: How can folks get in touch with you?

E: Call or write anytime.
Eustace Mullins
126 Madison Place
Staunton, Va. 24401

J: Are you still optimistic for the future of Liberty in America?

E: More optimistic than ever. The enemies of Liberty have painted themselves into a corner. They have committed so many gross indecencies, indelicacies and frauds that it’s all coming to a head. I look for a great cleansing Spirit to come up in the next few years.
I’ve been optimistic my whole life. If anyone shouldn’t be optimistic, it should be me. I’ve had eighty years of deprivation and marginalization in my own country that most people wouldn’t be able to endure. I have Faith.

{1}. Ezra Pound was accused of treason for taking aid from Mussolini in the form of an international radio station from Il Duce. Pound spent the majority of his broadcats reaming and railing against the international Money Cartel, and urged his listeners to find one thing in his broadcasts that went against the US Constitution. These broadcasts are available in the book Ezra Pound Speaking (1978), edited by Leonard Doob.

On a side note, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin also received much material aid from Mussolini up until the late 1930’s. Jabotinsky is known as the „Father of the Israeli Defense Forces“ and Begin later became Prime Minister of Israel. Apparently, they didn’t commit the treason against the Bankers that Pound did.


James Dyer is a researcher and writer living in Occupied Virginia.

Courtesy Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last updated 13/05/2004