2000/09: Murder of Georgiy Gongadze

Thirty-one year-old Mr Gongadze was an outspoken critic of the former regime led by Leonid Kuchma. He was abducted in September 2000 and his headless body was found two months later buried in a forest.

The circumstances of his death became a national scandal and a focus for protests against the government of the then President, Leonid Kuchma.


During the Cassette Scandal, audiotapes were released on which Kuchma, Volodymyr Lytvyn and other top-level administration officials are allegedly heard discussing the need to silence Gongadze for his online news reports about high-level corruption.


Secret tape recordings released soon after the murder appeared to implicate Mr Kuchma. In them, he allegedly discusses ways of removing the journalist in conversation with Kravchenko. Mr Kuchma did not deny the voice in the recordings was his but insisted it had been doctored to make him appear to say things he had not actually said.


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The story of this murder and the way the cassette scandal appeared sounds to me like a good and sound work of MoneyMonarchy’s standard procedure to arrange unrest in a country against the government in charge as a preparation to an government change.

  • murder a well known person who is a strong critic to the government.
  • find evidence to blame government as the likely orderer of assassination.
  • arrange demonstration with opposition organizations or buy demonstrators.
  • invite media to film and report „public opinion“ as defined by MoneyMonarchy.