WWWM-PartC-Sect-12: Jewish Control of the Means for Shaping Public Opinion

Part C, Section 12

Jewish Control of the Means for Shaping Public Opinion

One of the means that has most distinguished Jewry’s drive to maintain itself and to expand its power in and over the gentile world might be called propaganda, conceived as a means of penetrating and shaping the human mind with a view to its control. Integrated by an all-embracing organization, and backed with a vast amount of money and a censorship enforced under threat of dire penalties—in our mass media, in our universities, in our churches and in our scientific societies—the Jews got their hands on the nation’s levers of power, and have thus been able, gradually, to give the nation’s whole life a direction, and turn it into a condition, which has favored the aggrandizement
of the minority that controls it, even while it keeps the nation itself headed for
destruction. Obviously, with such uncontested and almost unnoticed manipulation of the public mind, they can make an oncoming generation and even an entire people into almost anything, and take them anywhere they want to. Moreover, the outcome of  “elections” can thus be most certainly controlled, the difference between the dominant political parties reduced to the vanishing point, and voting turned into a monstrous and insulting farce. Thus also full protective covering can be given to traitors carefully placed in key positions throughout the nation’s political, economic and educational system, who can be depended upon to undermine its institutions, to weaken its defenses, and to open its gates to the enemy in the final crisis. In the process, this treacherous minority may totally pervert the nation’s foreign policy, exacerbate its relations with other powers, and actually instigate wars that will as certainly strengthen the controlling minority as they keep the nation moving toward disintegration and destruction. Properly, of course, such operations should be viewed as an act of war, as a means for deceiving, misleading, and ultimately ruining or destroying an intended victim. When thus applied it is, in fact, often referred to as “psychological warfare.”


This new kind of warfare is only a particular refinement of the instruments for struggle that is especially suited to the needs and ambitions of a group that is smart but numerically small. Some of its features should be noted.

Though perhaps immediately and obviously effective, it may seem bloodless, and on this account the fact that it is nevertheless an instrument of war, just as surely as a gun or a bayonet or a bombing plane, tends to be overlooked. By means of it, a people can indeed be bamboozled, befuddled, blinded, drugged, and finally bound hand and foot, without any manifest shedding of blood. Nevertheless, it may all lead to an enslavement where mastery will be consolidated in a veritable ocean of blood. We have only to think of the subjugation of Czechoslovakia, in which “not a shot was fired.” And all of us can recall the reigns of terror and the wholesale purges, one after another, by which “Communism” has established its tyranny in every country that it has taken over.


The Jews have certainly been remarkable for the cunning and skill with which, anticipating each modern improvement in the means of reaching the public mind, they have established themselves in control of it. First, a hundred years ago, it was newspapers and the publishing houses. Then radio was added. And now it is television.


Around the middle of the last century, Benjamin Disraeli, twice Prime Minister under Queen Victoria, remarked that the actual rule of a country was no longer in the hands of representative assemblies such as Parliament, but had passed to the newspapers. In his novel Coningsby, he makes his dominant character Sidonia to say:

  • “The printing press is a political element unknown to classic or feudal times. It absorbs in a great degree the duties of the sovereign, the priest, the parliament; it controls, it educates, it discusses.”

And again:

  • “Opinion is now supreme, and opinion speaks in print. The representation of the press is far more complete than the representation of parliament.” 121

It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that at about the same time, Baron Moses Montefiori, a Jewish world-leader and a partner of the Rothschilds, exclaimed to his fellow Jews:

  • “What are you driveling about? As long as we have not got control of the Press, all your chatter is useless. You can do no good whatsoever with your societies, loans, bankruptcies and that sort of thing. As long as we cannot make use of the Press in order to stultify and delude the world, our efforts will be of no avail, and our domination will remain a will-o’-the-wisp.” 122

And Isaac-Adolphe Cremieux, another Jewish leader of world-wide importance, who in 1860 founded the subversive Alliance Israelite Universelle, sent forth the following trumpet call to his people:

  • “Consider the governmental and public offices as nothing. Look upon all honours as upon nonsense. Do not pay attention for the time being to money itself. Capture the Press! Through it everything will come to you in the natural course of events.” 123

Apparently these directives were heeded. Shortly before the First World War, Cecil Spring-Rice, British Ambassador to the U.S., recorded that “one by one, Jews are capturing the principal newspapers.” 124 Today the few newspapers and newspaper chains which most effectively shape the substance and determine the direction of the public mind in the U.S., as of our national leaders, are consolidated in the hands of Jews. These are preeminently the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. And those not so owned are for the most part kept in line by fear of the retaliation of their advertisers, who again are overwhelmingly Jewish. Jews exercise similar control over news magazines, especially those concentrated on the formation of opinion. The same grip is manifest when it comes to the prevalence of Jewish editors, reporters, reviewers and interpreters, and even in the principal agencies by which books and magazines are distributed. It includes the Book of the Month Club, which in forty years has sold almost a quarter of a billion books.125 It would seem that Ezra Pound was well within the facts when he declared: “We have passed from parliamentary government to newspaper government.” 126


And television, which, as an instrument for molding the entire life of a nation, is absolutely without parallel in the history of man, we have left entirely in the hands of Leonard Goldenson, William S. Paley, and Robert Sarnoff, heads respectively of American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Together with their four chief executives, Martin Rubenstein, Avram Westin, Richard S. Salant, and Herbert S. Schlosser, they dictate what 210 million Americans are to be told, every day in the year, as to what is happening in the nation and in the world!127 And all seven of them are Jews, who as such must be expected to give their primary loyalty to Israel rather than to the United States. Television programming, also, is largely a Jewish monopoly. And though the chief interest of all these Jews seems to be to herd every White man into the corral of a Jewish world slave-state by way of the UN, not one American in a thousand is aware of this fact, or of what is being done, quietly but steadily and relentlessly, to ruin him and his children, and to destroy his country.


From TV, it is only a short jump to the movies and the theatre, and here again we find that “Hollywood from its inception has been overwhelmingly Jewish,” and that the overrepresentation of the Jews, in all parts and on all levels of our stage business, is “almost fantastic.”128 And perhaps nothing has more largely dominated this line of Jewish activity than an unrelenting aim to inflame the race consciousness of our minorities, and to kill ours. In any case, whether it has been the publishing of books and magazines, or television, or the movies and the stage, which have not only provided entertainment but also supplied news, ideas and opinion, everything has been consistently slanted, whether by innuendo, emphasis, suppression or distortion, in such a way as to improve Jewish prestige and status, and to increase Jewish influence and power. The overall effect of it is to push the Jew up and to pull the gentile down.