Zionism-The Hidden Tyranny


Benjamin Freedman and the „dynamie silence“ Traces of Freedman. New York Times Articles 1946-1965


I. Seven Masters of Deception
2. Contolling Policies ot Mass Media
3. President Wilson Blackmailed
4. Justice Brandeis-The Pay Off
5. Lloyd George -A Zionist Tool
6. Edward M. House-Conspirator
7. Selecting America’s Ally in WWI
8. Promoting Germans Victory and Stabbing Them in the Back
9. Worldnide Zionist Boycott against Nazi Germany
10. Franklin D. Roosevelt Manipulated
11. US Secretary of Defense Makes Startling Revelation
12. Conspiators Provoke Pearl Harbor Incident
13. A Pressured Eisenhower and Resolution 117
14. Eisenbower Fulfills the Zionist Demands in Middle East
15. Joha F. Kennedy Pledges Zionists
16. John F. Kennedy Enlightened on the Palestine Question
17. Neville Chamberlain and Ambassador Kennedy Sr.
18. Lynden B. Johnson and the so-called Six Day War
19. Contolling the US Vote in the United Nations
20. Rothschilds and the Suez Canal
21. Zionist Supervision Necessary to Control Middle East Situation
22. Rothschild Interests and „Chosen“ Asiatic Jws