To Kill a Country Pamela J. Ray's book about a CIA Hitman, who speaks about his insides of the real spirit and goals of the real rulers of the WEST, who are assisted by the US president.

To Kill A Country looks behind the scenes at some of the most shocking and horrific things that have happened (and are still happening) here in America starting with the daytime assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the implications it serves up to the citizens of a „free“ nation.


The author, along with James Files, former CIA/Mob hit man, assassin, headshot from grassy knoll shooter, explore the truths behind some basic questions still lingering decades after the JFK assassination.

  • Why was President Kennedy killed?
  • Who benefited?
  • Who had the power to cover it up?

Not wanting to stay focused on that horrible event in our nation’s history and have this be just another JFK book, Files and Ray move on to open Pandora’s Box and discuss not-so-nice things the CIA has done in other countries as well as here in the good old USA.


They wrap it up with a shocking enigmatic-mystery and treasure hunt in the CONSPIRACY for the New World Order section in Part III. Hold on to your seats for a wild ride on the journey where most angels would fear to tread.

Pamela J. Ray is originally from Portland, Oregon and has lived in Hawaii since 1982. Mother of two grown sons, Ms. Ray an avid scuba diver, dive master and swimmer, was also active in her local non-denominational church and Republican politics.


She served as the volunteer executive secretary for the State Director of the Hawaii Christian Coalition in the early 1990’s on Maui. She also served as 6th District Chair for the Maui Republican Party and also attended State Conventions as a voting delegate.


She first found out about the Kennedy assassination as a conspiracy in 1997 after finding a book in her church library. This led her to study the United States government in general when enrolling at the local community college for a basic computer class.


She saw James Files’s video, The Murder of JFK: Confession of an Assassin in late 1998 and was inspired in February 1999 to write a simple thank you letter and offer friendship.


They developed a friendship and Files asked her to write this book September 6, 2000 in the visiting room at Stateville prison. This is her first book with more to follow.