Dan Smoot


[Transcriber’s note: Although copyrighted in 1962, the author did not renewal his copyright claim after 28 years (which was required to retain copyright for works published before 1964). Therefore, this text is now in the public domain. The text of the copyright notice from the original book is preserved below.]


Copyright 1962 by Dan Smoot
All rights reserved
First Printing June, 1962; Second Printing July, 1962; Third
Printing August, 1962; Fourth Printing September, 1962;
Fifth Printing October, 1962
Sixth Printing (in pocketsize paperback) August, 1964


Communists in government during World War II formulated major policies which the Truman administration followed; but when the known communists were gone, the policies continued, under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson. The unseen they who took control of government during World War II still control it. Their tentacles of power are wrapped around levers of political control in Washington; reach into schools, big unions, colleges, churches, civic organizations; dominate communications; have a grip on the prestige and money of big corporations.

For a generation, they have kept voters from effecting any changes at the polls. Voters are limited to the role of choosing between parties to administer policies which they formulate. They are determined to convert this Republic into a socialist province of a one-world socialist system. This book tells who they are and how they work. If enough Americans had this information, our Republic would be saved. Please do your utmost to spread the word: order extra copies of this book and help give it wide distribution. See inside of back cover for quantity prices.


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