False Flag- Template for Terror An Analytical Critique of the Covert Model Utilized by Israel’s Mossad in Orchestrating 9-11, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (And the later manipulation of public opinion in the crises at Sandy Hook and Boston)




To the extent that Americans did know anything about terrorism, it largely arose from their recollection of media reports in the 1970s relating to the hijackings of airliners by Palestinian freedom fighters.


But, for the most part, terrorism was essentially considered a “foreign” phenomenon and not one that particularly affected americans, except to the extent that some Americans had been unlikely enough to be aboard a number of the airliners that had been hijacked.


However,despite the new-found American “popular”understanding of terrorism, the historical record demonstrates that the topic of terrorism was very much a focus of concern on the part of the Israeli lobby in America and that, at the highest levels of our national security establishment, pro-Israel forces were working relentlessly to shape policies (relating to terrorism) that were designed to advance Israel’s agenda in the Middle East and around the globe.


In 1989, Pantheon Books published a little-noticed volume that provides a stark and revealing look at the development and growth of what the authors dubbed “the terrorism industry.


It is this terrorism industry that has been responsible—almost single-handedly and certainly in conjunction with the major media in America—in shaping what Americans “know” about terrorism (even if what we “know” is not precisely the truth).